Global Elite Ventures Sdn Bhd. (GEVSB) is a fully Bumiputera owned company that was established on 24 July 2003.

The terms of the core businessis the company’s main computer training, consulting services, information technology, including the supply of computer hardware, system development, advisory system, computer network system and so on onther related services.

The company was registered with the Ministry of Fianance Malaysia (M.O.Fin 25 small field services and supply of computer equpiment and laboratory / medical class Bumiputera contractors.


Laying the foundations for a more digital connected world through data, devices, infrastructure and innovative solutions and armed with more than three decades of experience in the fields and we help businesses to enhance their operational efficiency and productivity.

Maintenance & Servicing

 We provide the best maintenance and servicing to lengthen the lifespan of your devices. 

Training & Education

We collaborate with specialists to develop better solutions as well as training and development today and in future.

Networking & Configuration

The most important aspects to consider when working over the internet.

Interior Design

We collaborate with our clients to determine their needs, priorities, and personal style.